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A microentrepreneur with charisma

Gloria is part of more than eight thousand clients that MiCrédito has in Nicaragua. She lives in the city of Granada and has 50 years working in the craft of making tortillas.

"The elaboration of tortilla comes from many years ago, my grandmother, my great-grandmother, my mother, I helped her, then I started alone to work," says Gloria very proudly.

Her business is very popular in her city, since she makes tortillas based on corn, preserving the gastronomic teachings inherited by her family.

She defines herself as a working woman, "I have always been the strong arm of my family because I have always worked hard to support my children," says Gloria.

Gloria starts her workday very early and all this effort is made so that her clients have this food at breakfast. "I get up at 3 in the morning to wash corn, then I go to the mill, when I come from the mill I come to prepare everything ... to start throwing my tortillas," says the microentrepreneur.

Gloria, when she started her business, prepared the tortillas based on a wood fire, but she feared that over the years the smoke would cause a complication in her health, that is why she looked to MiCrédito to acquire a first loan with the institution and be able to buy a gas stove.

In addition, "With the money that MiCrédito lends me, I bought my corn, I like to always have my material to work with. And now I have managed to buy a small land and I began to build little by little, "says Gloria.

Thanks to his goals, having a good administration of his loan and business, he has been able to meet other objectives that have improved his small business and the quality of life of his family.

In the future Gloria wants to continue working with MiCrédito to finish building her home.

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