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Celebrating Mother's Day at MiCrédito

MiCrédito organized a Mothers’ Day event for all of the institution’s 11 branches which included the participation of several outstanding clients.

These clients work in different fields including commerce, services, and agriculture and they joined together with MiCrédito staff in a raffle to celebrate Mothers’ Day.

Support Health

Throughout the month of May, female clients and representatives from Western Union had the opportunity to participate in a raffle with various prizes including household appliances and food baskets.

MiCrédito also promoted the importance of medical check-ups in order to improve the health of our clients, which is an important part of the institution’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

During the month of May, MiCrédito raffled twelve gynecological exams, twelve pelvic ultrasounds, five dental exams, and four lipid profile tests.

Doctor Jorge Valle of MiCrédito’s Rubenia health clinic emphasized that preventive health is fundamental for everyone and noted that the institution has made important steps in health promotion.

As of March, the clinic has served 3005 clients and conducted 8243 lab tests for cholesterol, glucose, and triglycerides. Female clients have also received 1460 pap smears and 1291 mammograms.

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