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Diversifying business with MiCrédito loans

Luz Marina Blanco is an inspiring woman who, in her beginnings, was a street vendor of beauty products. With her investment, she offered cosmetic products of different brands from house to house, and five years ago, she became interested in selling breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Marina mentioned that, at that time, a friend recommended MiCrédito to her so that she could apply for a loan to obtain the capital she needed to start her business. Since then, she has been working hand in hand with the institution.

This hardworking woman shares that MiCrédito's loans have allowed her to buy sheets of zinc, iron, and blocks she used to build parts of her home. She has also been able to invest little by little in her business.

She also expressed that she is very grateful to the institution because she receives advice from the loan officer to make her investments appropriate. "I urge them to continue with MiCrédito because they are giving us an opportunity, and they have collaborators around them who support us and are looking out for us," she said.

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