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Graduation of the Microfinance Diploma Program

MiCrédito graduated 43 young people in the VI edition of the Diploma in Finance, emphasizing Microfinance. This is an educational program that the institution carries out, in partnership with Unides, for people who do not have access to higher education or come from vulnerable areas of Nicaragua.

This project is implemented as part of the corporate social responsibility to invest in education and create a social impact that helps the country's development. In this edition, the students learned about customer service, cash handling, accounting, finance, leadership, and many educational tools that will enable them to change lives through microfinance positively.

María Nellys Marenco, a diploma course student, shares how this academic training changed her life: "I started with the diploma course, and thanks to my performance, I became an integral customer advisor. I am very grateful to the institution because this diploma course opened the doors to the working world for many of us".

The graduation was attended by the organization's management team, teachers, students, and family members of the graduates. The event was organized in January 2023 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Managua.

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