Facts & Statistics


Portfolio: US $5.50 million
Portfolio at risk: 1.31%
Average loan size: US $1013
Fun Fact: The Portfolio at Risk industry average for MFIs in Nicaragua is currently 8.2%; showing that MiCredito has been able to keep their risk low through responsible lending and diversification.

Interest Rate

MiCrédito’s average interest rate is 3.5% per month which is one of the lowest in Nicaraguan microlending. Average for the industry is 4.41%, calculated as a commission over the Central Bank rate.

Client and Loan Facts

Currently MiCrédito has approximately 4,582 active clients.
The average loan term is 13 months.
There are 5,428 active loans.
MiCredito has 31 loan officers who average 175 loans each.

Low Default Rate

MiCrédito's default rate averaged 2.5% since beginning operations.

Contact Us

MAIN OFFICE: Entrada a Villa Austria, frente a Farma Value de la 1ro de mayo

BRANCHES: Click here to see list of branches.​

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