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MiCrédito not only serves the growing urban market for micro-credit in Nicaragua, but has also developed a successful rural micro-lending program. Most Nicaraguans living in the rural areas of the country are neglected not only by the regulated financial system, but also by the microfinance industry, because these clients are often considered to be higher-risk. MiCrédito refuses to let this stop us from reaching the poorest of poor, however. MiCrédito has grown to have 11 branches serving both the urban and rural areas of Nicaragua  – two in Managua, León, Estelí, Granada, Teustepe, Chinendega, Boaco, Matagalpa, Masaya, and Rivas.

MiCrédito has grown mostly by word-of-mouth – based on our strong reputation. Clients appreciate the dedication of MiCrédito staff, the quick turn-around on credit decisions, and the competitive interest rates in the micro and small loans segment. MiCrédito provides an alternative to loan sharks (people that lend money at rates that are three or four times greater) and has consistently invested in product innovation, offering customers access to previously inaccessible financial products.


My only option before was loan sharks charging large amounts of interest. After I found MiCrédito, my business changed.—MiCrédito client


I'm really thankful for MiCrédito...they are very excellent people!

—MiCrédito client


In spite of the economic situation across the country, I continue working and fighting to offer a better future to my son and my family, with MiCrédito's support.—MiCrédito client

Gender Equality

At MiCrédito, we seek to promote gender equality among our clients and our staff.

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