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Internship Opportunities

International Students & Volunteers

MiCrédito is open to working with students from other countries who wish to participate in designated projects related to a specific area of microfinance (marketing, accounting, investor reports, etc.). MiCrédito has received students for less than 1 week to more than 6 months. So far we have hosted various students from Canada and the United States. We have received both individuals as well as clubs and associations.

Internships for Nicaraguan Students

MiCrédito often hosts local students for work-terms who are required to complete an internship or practicum as part of their studies. MiCrédito often offers transportation and lodging for students.


- University students in their final years of study or graduates in Communications, Spanish, Sociology, Marketing
- Knowledge of web design
- Excellent interpersonal skills 
- Experience in customer service
- Ability to use Microsoft and Windows products
- Excellent writing skills 
- Knowledge of photography 
- Demonstrated initiative, creativity and integrity

Please send your resume to

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