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Client Stories


Cooking Up a Storm

At more than 50 years old Vidal Sánchez serves the customers in her cafeteria as if she were still a young women. Vidal's small restaurant serves travellers in the busy Cotran bus terminal in the northern city of Estelí.


Better Health through Micrédito Sanitation Loans

After more than 20 years working in her business, Eufemia Lacayo was used to hearing about different types of credit products, but it was only about a year ago when she heard about a loan product for sanitation.


Sewing Successfully with Micrédito

It is almost 2 o’clock in the afternoon and even the heat of the city of León doesn't seem to deter the hustle and bustle in Domingo Córdoba’s workshop.


The Art of Stitches and Buttons

Patience and creativity are two characteristics that define Rosaura and María del Rosario Castillo, sisters that have dedicated their whole lives to producing beautiful garments in the city of Granada. 


Improvements in Health and Hygiene

Concepción Quiroz cannot help but smile when she tells her story. Quiroz is a seamstress  and is one of the many women who have worked hard to overcome the challenges of poverty.

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