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Student Stories


Ofelia del Socorro is a 25-year old from the city of León. She is a single mother who is working hard to provide for her son. She wants to be a positive example for her son so that he can be proud of her achievements. Ofelia is currently in the last year of her university degree and is using her MiCrédito loan to pay for her courses and complete her degree. Her goal is to become a successful professional and improve the quality of life of her family. 


Jennsy Mercedes is a psychologist from the city of León. She is currently receiving financial support through MiCrédito’s EduCrédit program. She is using the funds from her loan to pursue a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Her goal is to open her own practice one day. Jennsy is happy to be working with MiCrédito and Kiva because these organizations support young people like her who have goals and a drive to succeed. 


Jorge Ruiz has always known that he would like to pursue a career in medicine. The 21-year old from Rivas is studying to become a dentist and is currently in the fourth year of his college program. Jorge applied for a loan to be able to buy the instruments that are needed for his professional placement. With the financial support he received from EduCrédit, Jorge he hopes to successfully complete his program and eventually establish his own practice. 

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