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MiCrédito gives loans to Nicaraguan students. We support young students that want to become professionals to finance their studies or to start  businesses related to their studies.

Receive Financing for:

  • Technical Degrees

  • Courses and Diplomas

  • Specialty Courses 

  • Language Courses

  • Equipment and Materials

  • Last two years of university studies

  • Postgraduate Studies

  • Masters Degrees 

Loan Information:

Amount:  $100 – $5,000
Time Period:  3 – 60 months

Grace Period:  0-9 months
Interest Rate:  1.66% per month (19.95% per year)



  • A copy of your ID

  • A letter from your university

  • Guarantor/co-signer

  • Being at least 16 years of age

Our Contact Information:

If you are a student and you wish to talk to us about an amazing opportunity for your life call one of our branches:

Rubenia: 2289-5255

Ciudad Jardin: 2249-0131

Chinandega: 2340-4447

Granada: 2552-4388

Matagalpa: 8588-2800

León: 2311-0575

Teustepe: 2549-1601

Estelí: 2713-2393

Rivas: 8380-1090

Boaco: 2542-2808

If you are interested in supporting our students by financing them through their studies, please visit our partner organization, Kiva. 

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