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Senior Staff Bios

Moises valle 2.jpeg

Moisés Valle 

Moisés is MiCrédito Nicaragua Country Manager. He holds a degree in Public Accounting and Finance from the Universidad Evangélica Nicaragüense (UENIC) and a Diploma in Banking from Thomas More University. He has worked in a variety of managerial and accounting roles in several companies.

His most recent position was at Hotel Barceló Managua where he served as the Administrative and Financial Manager and was responsible for managing the hotel's liquidity and coordinating the purchasing, management, warehousing, accounting, treasury, and audit departments. Prior to this, Moisés had worked as a private consultant to several companies including MGI Nicaragua (Crowe Horwath), D & S Consultores, and Universidad Evangélica Nicaragüense. Prior to joining the team, he also provided consultancy services regarding the implementation of the new MiCrédito accounting system. Moisés also has significant experience within the Nicaraguan microfinance sector. He served as the Chief Accountant at both Financiera FAMA and Banco ProCredit and also worked as an Audit Supervisor for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).


Yerly Salmerón Samayoa

Yerly is MiCrédito's Internal Auditor. She holds a degree from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua (UNAN-RUCFA) and a post-graduate degree in Human Resources Management from the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua (UPOLI).

Yerly joined the MiCrédito team in March 2015, but she had worked with the institution previously as a consultant on audits and internal monitoring. She is a registered public accountant and an active member of the Nicaraguan College of Public Accountants.


Roberto Obando

Roberto is honest, empathetic, helpful, analytical, he adapts to changes and loves to overcome challenges by working as a team. He has 13 years of experience in the microfinance industry and more than 9 years in banks of the national financial system working in different positions, he is a Business Administrator, has a Diploma in Inclusive Rural Finance, has international certification as a Microfact facilitation trainer from the MFI Performance Evaluation workshop and Grameen Foundation trainer certification for the application of the Progress Out of Poverty Index (PPI), participated in the 27th edition of the ACAMS Conference of PLA in Hollywood, Florida, USA. Her goal is continuous learning within the industry, professional growth at MiCrédito, and contributing to the alleviation of poverty for vulnerable people.


Lucia Sánchez Valverde

Lucia is MiCrédito's Risk and Compliance Manager. She grew up in Managua and graduated from the UNI (National University of Engineers) with a degree in industrial engineering specializing in finances, human resources, marketing, and project development. She also has training in money laundering, terror financing, and risk management from United States Inter-American Community Affairs in Miami, FL.

She has managed human resources, created budgets, and reported on finances for national and international institutions across Nicaragua, including Banco ProCredit and Banex. Her latest position was marketing manager with the Well Sebastian L'Oreal headquarters here in Managua. Lucia has strong expectations for her position at MiCrédito. She wants to develop her professional skills, while also learning more about the financial field. MiCrédito gives her the professional arena to do this, while also enabling her to help people like her--Nicaraguans who want to build themselves and their country through self-improvement, especially in the financial world.


Cesia Calderón

Cesia is a young woman who loves to work in a team, she is proactive, positive and diligent. She has been in the microfinance industry for more than 14 years. Graduated from UNICA, with a Degree in Business Economics and has a postgraduate degree in Advanced Finance. Seeing her performance, MiCrédito decided to make her part of the Boulder Institute programs twice, for Rural Microfinance in Turin, Italy, in 2016, and for Microfinance training in 2019, in Washington, DC, USA. Her goal is to continue supporting the training of young employees, develop inclusive projects for microentrepreneurs, and become part of MiCrédito's growth plan.


Lyann Urbina

​Lyann is Social Impact Manager and IR. She holds a degree in Communications from the Universidad Centroaméricana (UCA).

NORMA 2.jpg

Norma López

Norma is one of the most appreciated leaders of the institution, her values, hard work and high sense of commitment have made her lead successfully. She is considered suitable to work under pressure, personnel management and high credit knowledge, since she has more than 26 years in the industry. She has a Degree on Business Administration and thanks to her high performance, MiCrédito constantly trains her in AML, leadership, was part of the FOROMIC at Buenos Aires, Argentina, among others. Her goal is to continue the rest of her professional career with MiCrédito, to be part in the evolution to “BANCO MiCredito”.

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