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Client Stories

Concepción Quiroz

Improvements in Health and Hygiene

Concepción Quiroz cannot help but smile when she tells her story. She has lived her whole life in the La Ceiba neighbourhood of Granada. Quiroz is a seamstress  and is one of the many women who have worked hard to overcome the challenges of poverty.

“The space where we were living was a boarding house, but a few years ago, the owner started selling to the tenants, which is how we acquired the house,” says Concepción.


However, the house’s infrastructure was extremely modest. Her son, a civil engineer, made a budget with a banking institution to fix the walls and windows and to add iron gates to the door and windows.

The Importance of a Credit Record

Despite these renovations, the house still lacked a proper bathroom. Concepción’s was among the many Nicaraguan families that use latrines.

In the past, I have worked with loans from different institutions and thankfully I have always paid on time. I approached MiCrédito and asked for a loan to be able to construct my bathroom and they approved a loan of $930," recounts Concepción.

Through MiCrédito's help, Concepción and her family built a shower, toilet, and sink. They are now able to connect their home to the city’s sanitation system. According to Concepción, the bathroom will allow her family to “stop risking their health, since latrines attract harmful insects like cockroaches."

Through MiCrédito’s financing scheme, Concepción pays monthly quotas of $60 over the course of 18 months. She asserts that her payments will be complete by the end of 2016 and that the “the next phase of the project is to improve the house’s roof.”

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