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Client Stories

Domingo Córdoba

Sewing Successfully with Micrédito

It is almost 2 o’clock in the afternoon and even the heat of the city of León doesn't seem to deter the hustle and bustle in Domingo Córdoba’s workshop. Domingo patiently and kindly serves two young university students looking to have their uniforms altered at Central American Arts and Designs (ADICA), the business that he has dedicated his energy to for the past 20 years. 

Domingo recounts that his company started out to complement the services offered by two foreign companies that produced badges and metal brooches in León.


“I worked with International Designs and Industrial Metal Art, two Guatemalan companies with operations throughout Central America. These companies did not have silk screen printing so I opened my shop to complement their services through the production of woven logos for school uniforms,” explains Domingo.


According to Domingo, many of the schools that he works with have also asked him to produce t-shirts, which he saw as a major business opportunity. He took advantage of this opportunity to build his business.

“Little by little, we began to buy industrial sewing machines and an embroidering machine. Each loan that we received was used to keep growing. Now we have 20 industrial sewing machines and two embroiderers. The company sells its products throughout the western part of Nicaragua and in other departments as well.

Now, ADICA's main services include silk screening, sewing and embroidery. The company produces everything from beach attire to school and company uniforms and provides employment to 12 people. According to Domingo, “the production of t-shirts has the highest demand and the company directly imports the fabric used in the workshop."

Domingo says that the financial support of microfinance institutions like MiCrédito has been fundamental to the business’s growth and to the improvement of his family’s standard of living.

“Six years ago, we started working with MiCrédito, basically in order to provide capital to our business. Undoubtedly, improved business success has helped my family because it has improved our purchasing power and our standard of living. We used to have the workshop in our home; today it is separate. We have taken these steps as a formal company. We try to make sure that our employees receive the highest wages possible and we have started to register them with Social Security.”

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