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Client Stories

Eufemia Lacayo

Better Health Through Micrédito Sanitation Loans

After more than 20 years working in her business, Eufemia Lacayo was used to hearing about different types of credit products, but it was only about a year ago when she heard about a loan product for sanitation.

“Our family uses a latrine and I wanted to install a toilet for the children. It is really horrible for them to use the latrine” said Eufemia as she shared her story.


Eufemia lives in the Bartolomé II neighbourhood in the tourist city of Granada. She noted that the sanitation loan was being offered by MiCrédito, which has been present in Granada’s microfinance market for a few years.

For her renovations, Eufemia received a loan of 5000 cordobas (US$ 171) which she used to build a toilet and shower in her home.

“We have closed the latrine that we had been using and now we use the bathroom. The loan was for an 18-month term and I only have 6 months left to pay,” Eufemia explained.

Continuing to Improve

Eufemia shares her home with her husband, son, daughter, and daughter-in-law and operates a small pulpería convenience store from the house. She says that her future plans include further renovations to improve the dwelling's infrastructure.

“Before, I had a stall in the market, but when I got sick I decided to put the pulpería in my house. We’ve already done the bathroom and we want to continue improving the house. I would like to add a second story, but we are still thinking about it because I know that it is very expensive.”

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