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Microloans for Small Business

Standard Credits

Intended for micro and small commercial businesses, such as services and transport. Interest rates vary between 3.5% and 2.5% per month. 

Rural Credits

Offered to farmers, cattle ranchers and businesses in rural areas. Interest rates vary between 3.5% and 2.5% per month. 

Temporary Credits

Offered to existing clients with an A credit-rating needing temporary credits to respond to increases in demand during summer, Christmas, Mother’s Day and other special occasions during the year. The applied interest rate is 4.5% and loan terms are up to 3 months.


Automatic Credits

This product is available to clients that have paid back at least two previous loans. The interest rate is 3.6%.

Debt Consolidation

At MiCrédito, we are always looking to expand our product line in order to best serve the needs of our clients. This product is designed to meet our clients' needs, with an interest rate based on the requirements and characteristics of each client.

Salaried Staff Credits

Offered to salaried employees in various companies through agreements with these institutions. Interest rates vary between 3% and 2.5% per month.

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