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I have empowered myself

In the north of Nicaragua lies the famous city of mist, Jinotega, a department that stands out for its mild climate, typical delicious dishes, and great traditions. In addition, Jinotega enjoys many stories of brave people who have fulfilled their dreams with much effort; one of these is that of Katherine Ramirez, one of the employees who has been working with MiCrédito for seven years.

As the eldest of four sisters, Katherine always sought to be an example in her family. From a very young age, she stood out for being a very studious person who took advantage of every opportunity that came her way. That is how Katherine left her hometown behind to settle in Managua and graduate from the National Agrarian University. However, after this great event, the success story of this great woman began.

"I found out about MiCrédito one day when I was walking down the street and passed by the branch that was still in the process of being opened, and I realized that it was a financial institution that would open in Jinotega and my mind I said I would like to work there," said Katherine who told how shortly after researching on Facebook she found the opportunity she had been waiting for; a call for a diploma course on microfinance that the institution offers every year.

Thus, after a successful application process, Katherine was chosen by MiCrédito to participate in the "Diploma in Finance with an Emphasis on Microfinance." It was three months of hard study, which she says was "a very nice, enriching experience in which I learned a lot" and whose fruits saw the light that same year in the newly opened branch of her department since Katherine was one of the outstanding students who had the opportunity to be selected to become an Integral Client Advisor of MiCrédito.

Katherine joined the ranks of MiCrédito as a collaborator in Jinotega, where little by little, thanks to her performance and effort, she began a professional career in the institution that, in her own words, has brought her new opportunities: "In 2019, I was the loan officer of the year and was named Head of Credit, then in April 2020 was appointed as Branch Coordinator and there have been many changes experiences which have made me a better professional, all the effort and dedication I have had since the diploma has been worth it to get to where I am today".

Thus, today Katherine is 32 years old and works as coordinator of the Jinotega branch, where she stands out for being a helpful and committed professional with the institution to which she assures is grateful; she expresses that "thanks to the opportunities I have had, I have grown as a person and professional; I have overcome and empowered myself. I feel a deep love and gratitude for this great institution that has much human value".

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