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Her mother's first machine, as a symbol of learning

From the time she was a child, Margarita Reyes learned the sewing trade from her mother. At the age of twelve, she could already repair certain pieces. At fourteen, she learned dressmaking; from age fifteen, she was making school skirts and pants. Now she is a well-known micro-entrepreneur in her field.

Despite her extensive knowledge in the area, the opportunity to open her sewing workshop presented itself to her only seven years ago. Since then, she has worked with MiCrédito, which has allowed her to strengthen her business and produce quality clothing.

"When we bought our first two industrial machines, I was very moved; we only had a small sewing machine that belonged to my mother. Thanks to God, we already have a lot of equipment and many orders, and MiCrédito has helped us by financing fabric, thread, and other materials," Margarita shares.

Margarita is very proud of all that she has achieved because, thanks to her efforts and the support of her family, she has been able to rent a place for her workshop, which has allowed her to work hand in hand with large clothing stores located in the various markets in her area.

To this day, Margarita keeps her mother's first sewing machine as a symbol of all her learning during the last decade. So at 41 years old and with three loans received, her next plan is to buy her shop. Margarita assures that the formula for her success has been simple: work responsibly with MiCrédito.

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