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"I am smart woman"

“Quesillos y Güirila Bendición de Jehovah” is the name of Doña Zelmira Cerda's business in Tipitapa, a microentrepreneur who defines herself as a smart woman.

When she started her business, she worked alone with her husband. Currently, she has more than 20 employees. Doña Zelmira's success is that she has diversified the products she sells, she is dedicated to the process and distribution of dairy products such as cheese, cream, curd and milk. In addition, she has a restaurant where she can offer traditional food. To strengthen the family's income, she also has, with her husband, a pig farm.

Faith in God and the love for her family makes Doña Zelmira grab strength and start her business very early, “here I opened at 4:30am and we closed at 9:00pm, this is part of falling in love with our business, because I don't like that a customer could come and be told that there is nothing”. To give excellent attention to its customers, she has waitresses, chefs and other workers who are in charge of the milk process, which represents a positive impact on the economy of the families of its employees.

Doña Zelmira is very proud to be part of the MiCredito’s family. With little savings and the support of MiCrédito she has been able to achieve her goals, "I have invested in the business (the restaurant) and we have a small pig farm where we have also invested money." In addition, she highlights the reasons why she started working with MiCrédito, “for me there are two reasons: one, the interest rate and two, the attention that this young man (Credit Officer) gave me so far,” she said smiling.

She dreams big, she wants to buy in the future the land where she currently has her business, because she is currently renting. However, with 51 years old she has fulfilled the most important dream, which is to teach her family the importance of work to give them a better quality of life.

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